Investment Plan

Investment Plan

As a shareholder, you qualify for special purchases of additional stock of the Company through a service offered by Computershare called the SHAREHOLDER INVESTMENT PLAN.

The Plan Consists of Two Parts:

1. Automatic Dividend Reinvestment
Automatic Dividend reinvestment is a convenient way to have your quarterly cash dividends automatically reinvested for you into additional shares of the Company's stock.

2. Voluntary Cash Investment
Voluntary Cash Investment is an opportunity for you to make cash investments at any time of as little as $50 but not more than $2,000 per month to purchase additional shares of the Company's stock.

You may elect to participate in either one of these two options or in both, no matter which you select, the Plan provides you with a savings in brokerage commissions. Computershare will combine your dividends or monthly cash investments with those of other participating shareholders and will make a single bulk purchase of the stock each month. The reduction in commission costs on this purchase will be passed on the all Participants.

The Shareholder Investment Plan offers you the opportunity to;

  • put dividend income to work immediately to;
  • put every dollar and penny to work promptly in full and fractional shares
  • realize the long-range benefit of dollar-cost averaging
  • make inexpensive regular investments of modest sums of money.
  • reduce your brokerage commission costs
  • invest, simply and safely, by mail through Computershare.

How To Participate:

Please mail authorization form, checks or any inquiries to:

First Class, Registered & Certified Mail
Computershare Investor Services
P. O. Box 43036
Providence, RI 02940-3036
Telephone: (888) 294-8217

Overnight Courier
Computershare Investor Services
250 Royall Street, Mail Stop 1A
Canton, MA 02021