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Meridian Bioscience Helicobacter Pylori Patent Validated by Settlement Agreement With Astra S.r.l.

April 12, 2006 at 9:22 AM EDT

CINCINNATI--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 12, 2006--Meridian Bioscience, Inc., Cincinnati, Ohio (NASDAQ:VIVO) today announced that it has executed a settlement agreement with Astra S.r.l. regarding Meridian's patented technology for detecting H. pylori, the primary cause of peptic ulcers. In the agreement, Astra acknowledges the existence, validity and scope of Meridian's patent, EPO 0806667. Astra further agrees to: 1) cease all promotion and distribution of its infringing products, and; 2) for any existing customers, to replace the Astra product with Meridian HpSA products(s).

John A. Kraeutler, President and Chief Operating Officer, stated, "Meridian's investment in technology for detecting H. pylori bacteria has been significant. We are very pleased to have reached agreement with Astra regarding the validity of our patent and we will continue our focus on the development of new diagnostic technologies for emerging infectious disease markets."

Meridian is a fully integrated life science company that manufactures, markets and distributes a broad range of innovative diagnostic test kits, purified reagents and related products and offers biopharmaceutical enabling technologies. Utilizing a variety of methods, these diagnostic products and tests provide accuracy, simplicity and speed in the early diagnosis and treatment of common medical conditions, such as gastrointestinal, viral, urinary and respiratory infections. Meridian diagnostic products are used outside of the human body and require little or no special equipment. The Company's products are designed to enhance patient well-being while reducing the total outcome costs of healthcare. Meridian has strong market positions in the areas of gastrointestinal and upper respiratory infections, serology, parasitology and fungal disease diagnosis. In addition, Meridian is a supplier of rare reagents, specialty biologicals and related technologies used by biopharmaceutical companies engaged in research for new drugs and vaccines. The Company markets its products and technologies to hospitals, reference laboratories, research centers, veterinary testing centers, physician offices, diagnostics manufacturers and biotech companies in more than 60 countries around the world. The Company's shares are traded through Nasdaq's National Market, symbol VIVO. Meridian's website address is

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